(m i c h e l l e)

I am an aspiring teacher,  healer, writer, and entrepreneur. While I sort out these dreams, I split my time between working in Grand Teton National Park in the summer and ski instructing in the winter. And most days, this is pretty damn good.

My love for the outdoors was reawakened when I left Dallas after four (+ a half) years of college.  A breath of fresh mountain air woke me up from a materialistic, ego driven daydream, and I am trying to get outside every day.

All photos are taken by me, from my daily life and from past adventures around the world.

the (s e a)

When I was ten years old my parents told me we were taking a family trip to Mexico.  I spent the next month pouring over guide books for the Riviera Maya, and when we got there, I felt hysterical happiness. I got up at sunrise our last morning and cried as I said goodbye to the sea.

Ever since that trip, the sea has been a nostalgic conjurer of excitement and vitality to me. Right now I am positively land locked in the Wyoming woods, but as in turns out, rivers and lakes and tiny runoffs have the same effect on my soul. My whole life, I will seek out water.

And the sea seeks me.





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